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Giant Urn for the Met Costume Institute Gala

April 2009
6'-7" tall x 4'-10" diameter.

Raul Avila (Raul Avila Inc.)charged us with creating this collosal urn for the 2009 gala fundraiser at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Raul's fine staff of designers presented us with artwork that we transformed into sculpture. Costume Armour created plaster molds then vacuum formed the vase body in strong Kydex plastic. The Baccus and grapeleaf designs were sculpted in clay, molded in plaster and cast in latex. The entire work was textured and painted, giving it a faux stone finish. We engineered a steel tube and plywood armature strong enough to support the weight of a model yet light enough for easy transport and installation. Please call for pricing and availability (845) 534-9120.





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