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Carriage Horses

Designer: Tony Walton
Show: A Tale of Two Cities
Broadway, 2008
9'-0" long, 9'-0" tall, 6" deep

These beautiful articulated horse sculptures were designed by Tony walton for the Broadway production of A Tale of Two Cities.They were fabricated in lightweight, thin walled aluminum tubing. Parts of the horse were sculpted and vac-formed in a durable Kydex plastic. When assembled, the horses were covered in two types of black sheer fabric. Glass eyes, feathers for the mane, tail and fetlocks were added. The automation and armature were designed and executed in our shop. The head and forelegs tilted up and down. The hind quarters were built on an eccentric axis to give the illusion of galloping. With the aid of two actors the horses would run across the stage pulling a carriage and rear up while trampling a poor unfortunate boy. The units are very lightweight, durable and user friendly meeting the demands of the Broadway musical.

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